And I heard a light*, and the hinge of my heart opened...**

hinge What shall we say?
    You, only you, you
    You at the hinge - and then the day.
Walter Brueggemann, from "Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth"

Seven Sacred Pauses


'Wind, Water and Stone,'
Even Song Events with my images included for meditation and reflection, with Rev. Anne Deneen, Michael O'Leary ,& Amy Lohman.
These were featured at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Gloucester, MA., in March and Nov. 2011

Gleam wind water stone


"Via Crucis: A Photographer Before the Cross,"

Although violent and human forces may have created the main object, Bartlett provides visual
interest and psychological comfort by surprising us with an harmonious order. Perhaps, it is the
beneficent light - the kindest aspect of the fire element that gives warmth and life – that accords with the observer. Bartlett’s arresting photographs offer a perpetual opportunity to experience the natural world with an immediacy and freshness that few are able to find, as well as a lesson on how to behold.
Rebecca A. G. Reynolds
Curator of the John and Margaret Manship Collection,
formerly of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

"With a sigh too deep for words."
[1st place, Rocky Neck 2008
-'Shapes of Emotions-]


EGo Eimi